Sunday, May 22, 2016

We Welcome Summer!

I have been out of education for nearly five years now...but I still get that anticipatory tingle of excitement when school lets out for the summer.  Probably because I still have kiddos in the system, and probably because I feel like FINALLY the craziness of spring will abate somewhat...

But, deep down, I think it's because summer represents endless possibilities.  With a bit of blue sky and sunshine...anything is possible.  EVERYTHING is possible.  I felt that way when I was a kid...and I still feel that way now.  I hope I feel that way in thirty years.

We're still dealing with spring activities here, and so two kids will still attend soccer practices.  The golf season is over, so now Child #1 can help shuttle sister and brother around.  But, ultimately, there will be more Five-Face time around the dinner table.  Menu-wise?  Still sorting that out.  Definitely more grill action and lighter fare.  More vegetables and fruits.  More board games. More walks at night.

More of everything that is good and healthy.  Less of the other crap.  Right!?

Hey, incidentally...I've been off diet soda for nearly a week now.  See what I mean about anything and everything being possible?

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