Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zero to Sixty

Zero: A pretty leisurely Tuesday morning.  A little of this, a little of that.  A moment where I actually can lounge on my couch and read.

20: A friend of mine and my daughter drive about four hours to Kansas City to see Florence + The Machine in concert.  Amazing performer, amazing time.

40: Drive home early the next day so that Kirby can get to drivers' ed and I can get WanderLunch ready for a catering event.

50: Complete the catering event (despite electrical snafu) and rise early the next day (today) to get WanderLunch ready for another big day: a new, more centralized location that's more accessible to our town's professionals.

60: Rock out a Thursday-record-breaking 78 sandwiches despite another electrical issue and you know, running out of things called Food.

I feel freaking good right now, readers.  I have no real tangible way to explain it...just that it feels like that grimy kind of visceral satisfaction that comes with working your ass off.

Wanna see pictures of stuff?

This is the "Red Dragon" sushi roll from a place in KC called Stix.

This is Florence.  She is awesome.  She spent most of the night running, jumping, and dancing around in this throwback pink chiffon bathrobe.  But, hey, when you're phenomenal as hell, you can wear what you want.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

We Welcome Summer!

I have been out of education for nearly five years now...but I still get that anticipatory tingle of excitement when school lets out for the summer.  Probably because I still have kiddos in the system, and probably because I feel like FINALLY the craziness of spring will abate somewhat...

But, deep down, I think it's because summer represents endless possibilities.  With a bit of blue sky and sunshine...anything is possible.  EVERYTHING is possible.  I felt that way when I was a kid...and I still feel that way now.  I hope I feel that way in thirty years.

We're still dealing with spring activities here, and so two kids will still attend soccer practices.  The golf season is over, so now Child #1 can help shuttle sister and brother around.  But, ultimately, there will be more Five-Face time around the dinner table.  Menu-wise?  Still sorting that out.  Definitely more grill action and lighter fare.  More vegetables and fruits.  More board games. More walks at night.

More of everything that is good and healthy.  Less of the other crap.  Right!?

Hey, incidentally...I've been off diet soda for nearly a week now.  See what I mean about anything and everything being possible?

Friday, May 20, 2016


So this is what having free time is like.  A leisurely Friday night.  A Georgia Mule.  And some time and creative energy to blog.

Sincerely, folks, I think about you all every day.  I think about why I'm not blogging...and it all really boils down to two things.

1. I don't want to.  I have a life...and boy howdy, is it full right now.  Three kids, three different sports activities.  Boy Scouts, Student Council, part-time jobs.  Not to mention, a six-day workweek.  When I'm not bartending, I'm thinking about, planning for, prepping for, or operating my food truck.  Some nights I barely have enough energy to sit down and play Level 500 of my Cupcake Mania iPhone game.

2. I have nothing to blog about.  I'm not about to waste bandwidth on the Jimmy John's tuna sandwich I ate whilst shuttling Child #3 to soccer.  Nor do I feel like going on about the random kitchen-sink chili I threw in the crockpot that morning.

I'm not trying to rationalize or justify.  Well, I guess I am...but it doesn't matter to me if you all accept it or not.  It is what it is.

So. Onto the more fun things.  I've been having quite a bit of fun at WanderLunch these days.  I think my favorite part is developing the Sandwich Feature of the Week.  Because, A.) I feel original and creative and B.) naming it is probably the best part.

A couple of gems I've produced in the last few weeks.

This one below I called The Manipest(o) Destiny.  Pepperjack cheese, sliced turkey, tomato, red onion, and a spinach-avocado pesto.  Very fresh tasting.  And...hehehe...fulfilling America's great Manipesto Destiny.

This week.  I had a fair amount of pulled pork leftover from an event...and so what?  It becomes the focal point for a sandwich called the Banh Mi, Banh You.  Asian spices like five-spice and ginger give it some warmth.  My homemade kimchi gives it some tang and crunch.  Ramen noodles give a carb blast and funky texture.  And the garlic mayo add a creamy element.  Oh's definitely East Meets West.  Oh yeah, I used a mild Havarti cheese...because it was time to, you know, use it up.

Yeah.  I have fun with stuff like that.  It pleases me.