Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mango 'N Oh Man!

I am currently awaiting creative writing and culinary inspiration, and thus, today's post in the Kitchen Alphabet Challenge is quite a s-t-r-eeeeeeeeeeee-t-c-h.

I was recently thumbing through a food publication and was instantly intrigued by a clever little tip to quick-peel mangoes.  The process involves a knife, a glass, and a cutting board.  Start by segmenting the mango into four or three wedges (mango pits are, indeed, the pits).  Make a slit in one mango segment end and wedge it over the lip of your glass.  Use both hands to slide the peel down the glass, and the whole mango piece comes off like Boy Howdy!

Note: You ARE pressing down with a fair amount of force on the glass, and if you don't pick a sturdy enough one...

Lesson learned.  Fortunately, NO injuries were sustained.  That. Would. Have. Been. Horrible.

However, now that I know...further danger will be averted in future. Cheers!

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