Friday, January 1, 2016

I = Integration in the New Year

First of all, a healthy and happy start to the New Year for all my readers!  Let this be the year of great things!

This last year has certainly been an unprecedented one for me.  A new job for the husband and a new business for me.  The wheels of life continue to turn and there have been many ups and downs, and we will see exactly what 2016 has in store for us.

For the last several New Years, we have spent the night festivaling at a cousin's house...he usually fixes a decent amount of food, we bring drink and games and we have a great old time ringing in the new year.  He's done a theme, food-wise, for the last couple of years, and last night's was Italian.  He made his own lasagna noodles and bread, and we brought over a nice Chianti and an antipasta platter.

I was at the mercy of the local grocery store's wares in regards to meat, cheese, and olives.  As you can see, we're looking at a pretty standard plate.  Despite this averageness, the contents of the antipasta platter was consumed rather quickly.

I brought a sweet with me, as well, but it was largely forgotten in the massive carboload of the lasagna and bread and bruschetta.  I had in my freezer a half a box of red velvet cake mix and it had been tossed in with half a box of white cake mix...I think sometime ago Kirby had made cake pops or truffles or similar and didn't use all the mixes?  At any rate, I also needed to use the REALLY overripe bananas that were left from Christmas at my in-laws.

Thus, the Integration part of the blog: Red Velvet + Banana Bread = Something That Is Okay, But, I'm Really Glad to Have Cleared Those Two Things Out of My Freezer.

Red velvet anything is something I'm not really into.  I dunno why.  I certainly can appreciate the color, but I'm not into the RV flavor, I guess.  This is a good thing, probably, as we here at Chez Nelson get ready for a January that involved consuming as little refined carbs (pastas, breads, rice, sweets, cereals, etc.) as possible.

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