Sunday, November 29, 2015

Alphabet Kitchen - The FFs Have It!

I'll be the first to D and E of the Alphabet Kitchen Challenge were really pathetic.  Dark chocolate and deviled eggs?  360 degrees of lame!

And I think today, I redeem myself a bit.

Frittatas are not that experimental around Chez Nelson; we've had them often.  I like them over omelets because a.) they're easier to make (IMO) and b.) they lend themselves much more to weeding the leftover out of the fridge.


Fridge Orphans to be Used: Asparagus and goat cheese
New Addition: Farro

Farro is a grain, one that been around for centuries, but has recently entered our culinary consciousness in the last few years (no doubt with the go-whole-grains frenzy).  Ironically, my local Walmart did NOT have farro (six kinds of quinoa and one box of barley, yes...farro, no), but the local small-town grocery store DID have it. Huh.

The farro needs to be cooked before it's thrown into the frittata, and if you follow the careful directions on the back of the bag, you'll get this...

Farro looks very similar to a cereal I had when I was kid: Sugar Smacks.  That wheat puffed, super-sugary cereal?  Of course, they taste nothing the same, and the nutritional content is on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Protein, low fat content, various minerals, and fiber are the key takeaways from farro...something Sugar Smacks certainly can't brag about!

And now, I'm going to toss in with some eggs, asparagus, and goat cheese for a powerhouse dinner that should get the troops ready for the week ahead.

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