Thursday, August 13, 2015

These Quilts Would Keep The World Warm

Mini-bacon quilts, that is.

If every small child and homeless person had a quilt like this when they were cold and/or scared, they would stop being that way immediately.

The inspiration for this came in the form of an subscription email from Food & Wine.  The Mad Tips guy, Justin Chapple, complained that most BLT sandwiches have one major problem in common.  The bacon is in strips, and doesn't lay properly in a square sandwich...meaning, and this is a big deal, it's nearly impossible to get bacon goodness in every bite.

For the record, I'm really not into bacon that much.  I don't go to Baconfests, I don't drool over bacon-wrapped stuff, I don't even have it in my house that much.  However...

and if I'm going to do BLTs...then boy howdy, I'm going to do it right.  Enter Chapple's tip about the bacon weave.  Bacon in every bite.  Tomatoes from the garden, and lettuce from the fresh food co-op basket.  That's summer, folks.

The important thing here is to weigh down the bacon mini-quilts, because this pork product has a high shrinkage factor and the quilts become half the size.  I used wire cookie racks to keep the bacon flat, and as you see, they stayed together nicely.  And guess what? We have bacon in every bite!

Good stuff, and totally doable for families and small parties...but there are no real practical commercial applications with this one.  That means, doing bacon quilts for my food truck?  Nope.

Too bad, really.  But hey, speaking of the food truck, and I have not in awhile...stay tuned.  Tomorrow is Social Media Day for WanderLunch Food Truck.

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