Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday & Sundry

Almost two weeks since my last post here at Be Food.  Not quite two weeks, but almost.  Still.  Laaaaaame.

I'm taking a few minutes to compose today's post whilst my husband and 14-year-old daughter discuss what exactly "watch me nae-nae" means.  Also, he appears to be shocked that photos of him are on her Instagram feed.

But anyway.

This brief montage pretty much sums up my Saturday.  Puttering in my kitchen and making magic happen.  We're having a teacher friend and her electrician husband over for a thank-you for all the incredible good work he's done for us the last couple of weeks.

I really dithered over the menu...I mean, it is just friends, but there's still a small part of me that really wants to wow.  However, I didn't want to knock myself out completely in the kitchen and not enjoy the company.  I haven't made the Bolognese for some time, and with the cooler weather as of late, there seemed no better time to do so. 

A simple Caesar salad and a Italian red wine should go well with the pasta.  I suppose a tiramisu would have been an appropriate dessert, but I've got some local Granny Smiths I needed to do something with.  Add some frozen peaches and voilá! Apple-Peach Crisp. 

Honestly, I've got two of my favorite, favorite, favorite things on the menu tonight.  A good, solid, tasty red sauce and a fruit crisp.  Smells like fall around here.

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