Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nudity And A Big Reveal

Oh, now, don't you just want to read on with a provocative title like that?

By nudity, I mean of tomatoes.

The harvest from the garden is ongoing, although things appear to be slowing down a bit.  I have more tomatoes than I can eat fresh without causing my mouth to erupt from overacidulation.

I have diced a bunch and made tomato juice...and frozen all of it.  So, today, with the mass that was ripe-n-ready, blanching, peeling, deseeding were the order of operations.  And luckily for me, my two sons pitched in and helped.  The youngest, who's 11, wanted to know what 'blanching' was.  Blanching, of course, is the process by which food is cooked quickly in hot water/oil and cooled immediately in ice/cold water.  Tomatoes benefit from this process because it makes them way easier to peel.  However, blanching is a good thing to do for any food that usually takes a long time to cook (e.g. vegetables).  Once they're cooled down, they can be recooked later, much faster.  I particularly use blanching with my green veg like beans and Brussels sprouts.  I blanch them quick, shock them in ice water, and reheat in a sauté pan with butter.

And by golly, Bean stood right there and listened to the whole lecture, patiently.  Hurrah, youth!

My daughter, who's 14, walked by this pan of naked tomatoes and commented how weird they looked.  Yes.  Well, they are without their skins...think of how weird we'd look without our skins. 

Ew, actually.

Then, the 16-year-old and I set about deseeding the tomatoes after they'd been stripped.  Easy process, really, just scrape the membrany seeds out into a bowl, the sink, your mouth, whatever.  And Bean then shoved the tomato parts into a freezer bag for later use.  I plan on using these suckers for sauce-making later in the winter.  It shall be good.

And, then the Reveal.  Not as provocative as you might's the new logo for my food truck.  Ready??

There's some other catchy stuff that goes with it, but overall, it's fun and cool-looking.  Hurrah!

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