Monday, June 15, 2015

The Vacation Is Over...Or Is It?

No. Yeah, it's pretty much over.  But I did have to think about it for a second. 

I've been in Texas the last few days, celebrating my brother's retirement from the military.  Since I am considered non-military personnel, I don't normally get to witness such formal events like this, and I admit that the US military, if nothing else, is very much about tradition and formality.  It was a lovely ceremony, and my brother was honored in a very touching way.  I was proud to be a part of it.
But, we arrived home today and I am exhausted from the hours on the road.  And typically, I would have work at the restaurant to look forward (picture me saying that sarcastically)...until I remember that my last day at that job was the day before I left for vacation.  Huzzah!

So...what do I have to look forward to now?  Besides a significant decrease in cash flow?

1. Eating dinner with my family.  Every night. 
2. Cooking more and trying new techniques in the kitchen.
3. Establishing a regular exercise routine.  Probably one that involves more running and biking and less burning myself on various kitchen equipment.
4. Hanging out with my children more.  My oldest has only two years left in my house.
5. Completing house projects.  It's possible we may move in the next year.
6. Completing a business plan for the dream.
7. More hours at the Pub.

Hm.  That's not a bad list for someone's who practically unemployed.

At any rate, Texas was a good time, although I did not get authentic Texas barbeque or "real" Mexican food.  We spent the first couple of nights eating my brother's leftovers before...

Wood-fired pizza.  This is the Genovese.  Pesto, olives, tomatoes, feta.  Yeeeeeah.  Good stuff.  I really had to restrain myself here from shoving the whole pie in my face at one sitting.

Saturday afternoon was this kick-ass Food Truck Park in downtown Fort Worth.  I had Vietnamese Chicken Tacos at Top Nosh that were excellent...but alas, no picture.

Then, another meal in downtown Fort Worth at the Cheesecake Factory for appetizers after we'd seen the Four Day Weekend improv/comedy show.

And the beer.  Of course the beer.  Stuck to mostly Texas beer (because when in Rome, right?), but had a couple of Dark & Stormys to mix it up a little as well.  Because I'm on vacation!

And I've got the increase on the scale to prove it.  Meh. 

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