Friday, June 5, 2015

Summertime...Time To Make Your Kids Do Stuff

- Alphabetize all your spices.

- Clear out all expired items from the refrigerator

- Organize your pantry

- Write an inventory list of all dry goods

- Clean out and organize the lazy Susan space

- Remove everything from the countertops and wipe all surfaces down

Is this not why we have children?

With the exception of a couple of years in there when I was in CA school, and then last summer, when I was on the Island, I've been home during the summer.  And summer, for parents like me, is all about productivity and doing stuff and not wanting to yell at your children for wanting to sleep late, lay around, eat, play video games, and go to friends' houses all day long.  Parents like me desperately want their children to understand that "just because it's summer, (Insert Appropriate Child Name), doesn't mean it's a moochfest, free-for-all around here.  We still have a house and yard to maintain, bills to pay, obligations to fulfill."


And that's why my children spent the morning doing onerous chores in the kitchen.  Talk about a hard-knock life.

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