Friday, June 19, 2015

Of Butts and Bikes

Last night was a first.  I rode Stella, my Island-purchased Biria bicycle, around the 13-mile trail here in town.  I'd never done the trail before, and I was not only anxious to see how Stella held, but myself as well.

Two words: sore glutes.  Overall, not a terrible ride, but certainly lower on my list of things I enjoy...underneath browning hamburger and scrubbing toilets.

I kept reminding myself that the 13 mile ride was not even twice around Mackinac Island, a jaunt I did often at this time a year ago.  However, I quickly realized that a 13-mile wooded trail running through affluent neighborhoods was a whole lot different than this:

A 8-mile piece of paradise, really.  No problem at all to do this loop twice.  Views like these above make the ride go fast.  And frankly, my town's bike trail is nice and all, but I don't get vistas like this.

Most of the time I don't miss the Island...except last night.

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