Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Y.O.C.O = You Only Culture Once

Spaceballs. Ahhh. One of America's classics. And here, the exact dish Dark Helmet was referring to:

Mwahahahahaha! Let's discuss yogurt for a moment, whom I feel is a victim of bad marketing and nefarious health claim ploys.  As delicious as Banana Cream Pie yogurt sounds, and no matter no healthy it seems like it should be (because it's yogurt), it's a rotten, rotten product.  Full of sugar and artificial flavors.  Even the fruit yogurts? Not as good as it's packaged to tell you.  And it's too bad, because most people hear the word 'yogurt' and think healthy and beneficial...but most varieties out there on the shelves are anything but.

Go with the plain (or vanilla-flavored if you must) Greek-style yogurt, add your own fresh fruit, and a drizzle of honey.  You'll feel a whole lot better.

I've just recently found out how EASY making your own yogurt is.  This recipe was the jumping off point.  Once I got my milk to the appropriate temps, I let the stuff culture in the microwave.  The only problem is, the temp wasn't high enough in there to get the texture/consistency I wanted (thick thick thick) even after eight hours...so I popped it in the oven with light on for another four hours, and set my alarm for midnight.

Then, at the stroke o' twelve, I found I had the creamiest, most beautiful yogurt ever.  I am so happy.  Freshly made, three-ingredient yogurt makes me happy.

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