Monday, May 4, 2015

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80s hair band Warrant, who found stardom with their smash hit "Cherry Pie" (bet you thought I'd break my five-day streak, eh?).

It will all become clear momentarily.

Monday mornings are a good time for me to grocery shop, as the stores aren't so packed and if there's something I need to prepare for my family's dinner that night, I've got most of the morning to prepare it.  Win-win.

Today, a bag of Bing cherries caught my eye.  I'm not sure why.  If I work with cherries at all, I go with the frozen ones.  Fresh cherries have pits...and they are rather time-consuming to remove.  But, I dunno, the planets were in perfect alignment, my zodiac sign was in the rising aspect...who knows?!  I was probably having delusions of grandeur (May the Fourth Be With You reference).  At any rate, I bought a damn bag.

Yes, it took me most of an hour to pit the suckers.  But, then...

Sometimes it's worth it.  The Cherry Crisp recipe is modified from the one available at Taste of Home.  I noticed there were no spices whatsoever included in the sugar/cornstarch I took it upon myself to add nutmeg and cinnamon.  And so much's the better.

I seriously considered cherry pie at first.  I really did.  And while crisps are ten times easier, I actually prefer them (and cobblers) over pies.  And this one's beautiful.  There's a nice, cookie-ish crust on the bottom, followed by cherry goodness, topped off with a rich, buttery crumb topping.

Sometimes, readers, life really is just a bowl of cherries.

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