Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kitchen Nightmares

I'm not as good of a sleeper as I used to be...and I suspect that has something to do with my pesky subconscious.

I only remember this dream because I wrote it down, and it's not a nightmare, per se.  At least, *I* don't consider it as such.

It's the night before my Grand Opening of my dream cafĂ©, and Dwight Schrute (from the TV show "The Office") is helping me make chicken noodle soup. 

Since then, with the increasing dissatisfaction with my job, my dreams have become more nightmarish and more frequent. Usually, they consist of a sequence in which I'm making a customer's order, but there's just one or two little things preventing me from completing it...and usually, it's because I can't reach the plate or I can't quite get to the cooler where, say, we keep the bread.  Stuff like that.  Last night's dreams consisted of me trying to fill orders, all the while realizing that the restaurant isn't EVEN OPEN during the hours I'm trying to WHY do I keep trying to slave away??

Ridiculous, right?

The kicker one was about two weeks ago.  For some reason I don't know, I'd brought my youngest son (10) to work, and he was just sitting out in the dining room, reading or something.  Anyway, I was busting my butt around the kitchen, we were slammed, and I'm on my way to a cooler when I see two of the line cooks sitting on top of the prep table in the back, just chatting away like nothing was up.  What?!  Then, minutes later, I realize the chef had pulled my son from the dining room and was having him work back in the kitchen...and she's screaming at him about how he cross-contaminated everything.  I yanked off my apron and quit right there on the the middle of my dream.

I woke up from that one in a cold sweat and I did not go back to bed for quite some time. 

Yes.  Chefs have nightmares too.

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