Saturday, May 2, 2015

Garden Party!

Spring has sprung.  Young men's thoughts turn to those of fancy.

The rest of us?  Turn to thoughts of gardening.  Of turning earth.  Of nurturing verdure. 

Yeah yeah yeah.  I think a little about that, but my spring garden thoughts run the plant-harvest-eat-preserve gamut.

I'd mentioned awhile back, I think, that in addition to a few things in our own, shade-laden garden, we were doing a joint garden with my parents.  So far, it looks like this...

From right: garlic (planted last November), green onions from sets, onions from seeds (the puny-looking half-row) and radishes (the instant gratification vegetable), and a row of cabbage and cauliflower, and from seeds (and therefore, not seen as of yet), green beans and kohlrabi.

This morning, we added tomato, pepper, zucchini, and eggplant plants as well as planted cucumber and sweet corn seeds.

Thus, the garden at my parents' is now all in.  Time to maintain and reap the benefits some seventy to eighty days from now.

I also purchased more tomatoes, green pepper, and Brussels sprout plants today to complete our home garden.  I hope to tell you all about that tomorrow!

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