Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Red-Letter Day! A Banner Day!

Things happen in threes, right??  Well, I'm sosososo glad to report three good things.  Or..maybe two good things and one sort-of-we'll-see-what-happens thing.

1.  After pestering my boss for three-plus weeks about reducing my amount of hours, the ultimatum I gave her this morning finally worked.  Next week, I've only been scheduled for 28 hours.  I actually have a WHOLE DAY off.  My head is spinning.  This is fabulous news.

2. My oldest son turned 16 about two weeks ago, and just yesterday, got his driver's license.  Then, I bought my dad's 1998 Dodge Dakota pickup/rustbucket from him and bequeathed it to my son...with explicit instructions that he doesn't kill anybody or himself.  My life as a taxi is about to get easier.

3. Our Amazon Echo came in the mail today...after like four months of anticipation and a special invitation from Amazon to be able to buy it.  We're not usually Keep Up With The Joneses-type people...but well, there's always an exception.

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