Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Brisket A Tasket

Go Pro or Go Home...Probiotics, that is!

Pro + Bio + Ic = For + Life + Things

There's no better time than a Sunday evening to culture some life-giving organisms into tomorrow's breakfast.  Greek-style yogurt, my good friends!

I awoke early this morning and the first thing on my mind?  Coffffffffeeeeeeeeee.  Okay, well, the second?  Brisket!  I spent six months working for the foodservice corporation called Sodexo, and I will say that one of the key things I learned was how to do a brisket in the oven.  Brisket is the cut of meat from the front breast/lower chest of the cow.  And because cows use that portion of their bodies a lot, it's a quite lean and tough piece of meat.  Therefore, not to be treated with high heat and quick-cooking methods.  Texas people like to smoke it, New Englanders like to boil it.

The author here at 'Be Food' opts for oven-roasting it.  Because she does not own a smoker.  Yet.

After rubbing the meat with brown sugar and JD's spice rub (found at local grocery store), I placed in a roasting pan, on top of a rack insert that would keep the meat from touching the bottom of the pan.  I then poured water into the pan (half-inch max maybe?) and added some liquid smoke (because, shall I say it again, I don't have a smoker) for flavor.  I left the thick fat cap in tact, to add extra moisture as it melted over the course of the cooking.

I popped it into my 225 degree oven...and then I just freaking left the building for 10 hours.  Yep, friends, low and slow is the way to go (as is rhyming).  Truth be told, eight hours would have probably been sufficient, because my brisket temped out at around 150, 160 and that is way too done for my liking.

The color on the finished product is decent, and the meat practically fell apart when I tried to cut it...another sign it was overdone.  Sliced brisket should be extremely tender, but still hold together when cut.  Oh well.

Although, like I didn't smash this sandwich up when I made it ten minutes later.  As you can see, I very nearly forgot to take a picture of the damn thing before it was all in my belly.  Those are some roasted baby potatoes there attempting to square off against Mr. Brisket.

A cautionary note about brisket:  It is not a cheap cut of meat (although that can be said for any beef these days).  It's not a good idea to play around it a whole bunch of times if you don't really know what you're doing...unless you have a lot of money to play around with.  I mean, look at me, I worked with brisket a lot at Sodexo before buying it on my own...and I still messed it up.  Don't be like me, folks...get it right the first time.

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