Friday, April 3, 2015

This Happened This Morning

I usually am not much of a fan of wrapping bacon in things, around things, or under things.  I think it's because I'm not a fan of taking something that is pretty good by itself and manipulating it with something more powerful and dominant like bacon.  It's got a weird, twisted Fifty Shades of Grey feel to it that I just can't support.

Maybe this is different, or maybe it isn't, really.  I saw the Mad Genius Tips video by Justin Chapple (here at Food & Wine), and thought it didn't look too hard and would maybe taste okay.

In a word, they are sublime.  And actually easy to do, if you use the ones in the can.  Frozen cinnamon rolls, I expect, would be more difficult.  Chapple tops his with maple syrup, but I used the frosting that came in the can.  Just a thin strip around the top of the roll, because one of the reasons I don't do cinnamon rolls all that much is that I'm not a fan of the thick, cement-y icing that usually hides the roll.

So.  Sweet + smoky + spicy-yeasty = sublime.

Just in time for Easter brunch, folks.

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