Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ugh. I Just Don't Have The Words.

Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Mark Bittman, Alice Waters, Deborah Madison...ET AL...would be so so so disappointed in me these days.

You know, if they knew me and hung out with me regularly to survey my recent eating and drinking habits.  Which I know they don't, won't, and never will.  And I know *you* won't tell them, but that doesn't mean I don't feel like I've let them down.

As of the last month...

...we have dined out entirely too much
...we have imbibed entirely too much craft beer
...we have not practiced sensible portion control
...we have not exercised regularly

Consequently, I have let me, you readers, and my role models down (I don't care if they'll never know!).  It's obviously time for a refocus, reprioritizing, and reestablishing of goals.

And if it were as easy as that, I'd of course be doing it.  But's really not.  For example, I have the ingredients for Alice Waters's Winter Minestrone Soup from her The Art of Simple Food...and it really would be very easy to make.  True, there's a fair amount of pre-chopping and dicing and such, but I actually enjoy that kind of mise en place.  And really, it's probably only an hour from start to finish...

so why, when I came home from an eight-hour day at the cafeteria, did I *not* feel like making this soup?  When my daughter and youngest son volunteered to make pancakes and scrambled eggs, why I capitulate so easily?

Because. Because. Because. Because!  Pancakes sounded really delicious and amazing, and all I really wanted to do was look a National Geographic magazine and drink a cup of coffee.

So I did that.  Then, I ate pancakes and eggs.  And talked with my kids.  And it was great!  Then I went to yoga class and thought about how it's time for another No-Restaurant Month Challenge, not attempted in this house since Fall 2010 (read the post here).

Here's to a good, healthy, happy, refocused weekend!

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