Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Thing About Sushi...

1. Yes, there is some capital outlay involved.  You certainly *can* make sushi without a bamboo mat or the right kind of rice, but I have a hard time seeing it without the nori/seaweed paper.

2. While I enjoying rolling it, cutting it, etc...sushi is one of those things most people want someone else to make for them.  There is a fair amount of effort involved, especially with the cutting and the preparing of the rice.  But, see, I dig that kind of thing, so it's doesn't bother me, but it might be a deal breaker for someone else.

3. Most people either love it or hate it, and it's not always a favorite at something like a church potluck.

And it is for those three reasons that we will not be bringing sushi to the Nelson Family Christmas this year.  While one of my husband's brothers and wife would love it, the MIL, FIL, and other two brothers probably would not.

Alas.  More sushi for me.

At a Asian food store about an hour from here, I picked up all the accoutrements for making the sing-ding total of about $24.  Not bad for two rolling mats, a 50-sheet package of seaweed, a five pound bag of rice, and sushi rice vinegar.

And because I was inspired and in the mood, I had this for lunch...

...because one does not simply drive an hour to the state capital and NOT have a decent lunch.  The above cuisine is Vietnamese, and honestly, some days, there is nothing a better than a big bowl of pho.

Back home, though...after julienning some crabmeat, cucumber, carrots and mincing some shrimp, here was the end result:

I like sushi a lot, but I've discovered that the sauces are necessary.  There's four on my plate: sriracha, wasabi, hot mustard, and soy.

And because it made me laugh (and still does), here's a video of Bean trying the hot mustard for the first time.  You'll notice five distinct phases of his process: Trying/Thinking, Unexpected Reaction, Growing Dislike, Peak of Discomfort, and Milk Euphoria.  This 28-second video is very much like a short story (Expository, Initial Conflict, Continuing Action/Conflict, Climax, Resolution).

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