Sunday, November 9, 2014

Procrastinate Daily...But Only If It Leads to Epiphany

The first week of National Novel Writing Month is over (NaNoWriMo), and because of work, kids' activities, and all that jazz, I have fallen behind on my word count.  So, on a free morning like I happen to have right now, I am doing the right thing...


It's weird.  I love to write, and I should leap at the chance to work on my story.  But, to be honest, it's been a struggle this year.  It's a story idea I absolutely love and have had in my head for about two years...but I feel like I'm killing it with my subpar, half-hearted writing.  But, that's my problem, not yours.  Your problem is to read my subpar, half-hearted writing here.

Ha.  Jokes!

So, anyway.  I'm procrastinating on writing my novel this morning.  Instead, I did my grocery list, submitted an invitation request for the new Echo on Amazon, flatironed my hair, and cleaned and organized my kitchen countertops.  And as always, cleaning and reorganizing any kind of home space usually results in discoveries of the various kind.  Like:

1. We have entirely too many tea bags.  Some have been around for quite some time, too.  How many bags of English Breakfast does one really need?

2. What do people do with extraneous kitchen tools like peelers, salad tongs, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc?  I suspect most people don't, like me, stuff these into ceramic crocks, Mason jars, or kitchen drawers.  I would like to know their secrets.

3. And while I'm thinking about it, what about bigger detritus like mixer or Nutribuller attachments?  Is there anything wrong, really, with chucking these things into a smallish Tupperware tub and shoving it into a corner of the kitchen counter?  And...if you knew someone who did this...would you judge harshly and condemn them to the ninth circle of Home Management Hell?

4. Appliances fall into a number of categories.  First, there are fixed and movable, yes?  Like, I can't shift around or put away my dishwasher, fridge, stove/oven, refrigerator - hence, fixed.  Movables are things like my coffeepot, Nutribullet, blender, food processor, mixer...ones I can put away.  But within the Movables category, there is a spectrum of subcategories.  At one end are appliances that are Necessary.  At the other end are Appliances I would categorize as Arbitrary.  For example, at the Necessary end would be my coffeepot, because I use it everyday.  Even though I could stash it in a cupboard somewhere, I don't because I'd just get it back out the next morning.  At the Arbitrary end is Kirby's Belgian waffle maker, which we maybe use, oh, once a month...usually on weekend mornings when we have time and energy to make waffles.  Not practical to keep that on the countertop, and not to mention, it's a lightweight little thing, easy to tote around.

Everything else falls in the middle.  True, I do not use my Breville mixer but once a week...maybe.  But it's heavy and cumbersome, and that's why it stays on the counter.  The Nutribullet and processor also stay because I use them often in the process of cooking or preparing foods or making smoothies in the morning.  And, upon reorganzing and pondering my kitchen space, I decided to take the blender downstairs to storage, namely because I used it mostly for smoothies, which I now have the smaller, lighter, and more efficient Nutribullet for.  The next time, though, I have a big Margarita party, I'll haul the Oster upstairs

And now, visuals.
The Big Three.  They meet daily on how they can better serve the Nelson household.
The Crockpot...spends most of its time as an Arbitrary.  But not today.  And not for Mr. Chicken inside.


  1. I *just* did a rather manic countertop purge. For some reason, I feel better about stuff on the counter if that stuff is inside something else. So, the dog meds? I put 'em all inside a nice bread pan, and suddenly I'm no longer having a panic attack. But the appliances? Those are hard. I guess I finally understand those ladies who make cozies for everything.