Monday, November 3, 2014

Not A Manic Monday...A Marvelous Monday!

Monday is my Sunday...and Sunday is a fun day.

Good things:

1. The last soccer game was yesterday, and so now, our evenings and weekends will be soccer-practice-and-game free!  Let me say, though...I do support my children.  It's just, well, it'll be nice to have the time back...time to eat meals together again and whatnot.

2. My parents have dug up about a 14' x 24' patch in their backyard so that we can do a nice, big, communal garden next spring.  My mom and I are big garlic lovers, so we decided to give growing out own a shot.  And that special member of the Allium family went into the ground this morning to sit and get all deliciously garlicky over the winter.


I know it's hard to tell exactly what's going on here...but if you look at the top and bottom center of the picture, you'll a group of small bulb-looking things.  That's the garlic, planted in happy little groups.  The other junk in the picture are the worked-in scraps from my compost bucket.  I'm trying to be a friend to the Earth, see.

And this is the layer of pretty mulch put keep the garlics warm and hopefully the squirrels away too.

3. Mondays are a day off for me, and I have the peace and quiet of the kitchen to myself.  So, this morning, I've done two loaves of multi-grain bread, spiced squash soup for tonight, and prep work for tomorrow's Korean Dinner.

When I was doing the Monday-Friday daily grind, I used to dread Mondays, but now, I really love them!  Serendipity now!

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