Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm Not A Doctor, But Nearly As Important As One

Some college-level football player gets fed by me just about every day.  If that isn't saving lives, then I don't know what.

So, almost three weeks ago (tomorrow) marks my last day as an employee of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI.  That means I've been home for about two and a half weeks.  And I am different.  I have changed, and sometimes the environment I live in has not changed quickly enough for me.

But.  It is what it is.  Things will realign most soonly, I am sure.  Until then, the first item of business is to get a job...because a.) it's just simply the thing to do these days, b.) I've got to put this new degree to use, and c.) not working is not part of my genetic makeup.

Here in Small Town Iowa, there's only a few jobs available to me.  So I applied for a Cook job with Sodexo Corporation, which runs the cafeteria at the college here in town.  I also applied for a Cook job at the local hospital and I even interviewed, but have not heard back (almost two weeks now?).  And in the end, readers, I want to work, I want experience, and Sodexo gives me full-time, benefits, a chance to learn different skills, and access to different opportunities.

Okay.  But?  The job is a lot of high volume institutional cooking (not a prison, but a school, folks!).  Yeah.  That means we're not looking at real creative, high-quality plates.  We're looking at relatively easy entrees that we can make a lot of.  Oh, and the main populace are college students, many of them athletes who eat like nobody's business AND have manners similar to grade-school children.

I'm sorry to speak ill of the generation that will probably be wiping the drool from my chin in my later years, but there it is.

The saving grace of this job is that the cafeteria also does catering jobs to local businesses, groups, individuals, etc.  So, during the week, I'll get to cook for those, which I think will allow me a little creativity and opportunity.  Friday and Saturday, though, is my "nose to the grindstone" days...evening cook and shift supervisor.  Yes, you read that right - supervisor.

Look at me, Mom...all responsible and stuff...

Heaven help us all. *insert smiley face*

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