Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Exorcising Your Refrigerator, or: Demons Are Money, People!

Today is the first day of October.  It's a beautiful day.  That kind of pale, gray, gently rainy morning that is perfect for a cup of coffee, the latest issue of Mother Earth Living, hard-boiled eggs gently simmering on the stove...

This is serendipity, folks.

Until the husband comes upstairs and says, Hey, how about we do the cat's ear medicine now?

Thankfully, only Juno the cat's morning was the slightest bit disrupted, as Brent went back to work and I was quickly able to rediscover my bubble of tranquility.

Starting tomorrow, my family and I are doing the 10 Days of Real Food Pledge (as discussed at this website  Because, frankly, I won't be getting as much exercise here at home as I did on the island, and I just need a better plan for food around here.  Eating "real food" is very easy in theory, but difficult in practice.

For example.  According to the Real Food Rules, those bottles of squeezable fruit spread in my refrigerator are OUT because they contain an artificial form of sweetener (e.g. corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup).  And of course, I agree with the rule and I don't dispute this.  But.  I've got one and a half bottles of Satanic fruit spread in my fridge...and as much as I'd like to exorcise its demons, I simply can't just chuck out perfectly fine fruit spread, its religious shortcomings notwithstanding.

What would be nice is if I could dip my entire fridge in holy water and all evil foodstuffs, condiments, et al. within would be transformed into natural, healthy ones. The HFCS in the fruit spread becomes 100% maple syrup or honey or fruit juice concentrate or something naturally similar.

I guess I need a young priest and an old priest.

Ultimately, there's got to be some kind of compromise, right?  I want to fulfill the 10-day pledge, and I feel to keep the fake fruit spread, et al. around is some kind of fraud, punishable by law.  But, I also can't, in good conscience, just throw food out (although, really, the word food in this case is subject to question and certainly necessitates the use of sarcastic air quotes).

Maybe the Great Answer will come to me as I bake bread and make homemade granola for the first time in forever today.

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