Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Hunt For Job October

So.  Four days left here on the island.  Hard to believe five months in this unbelievably crazy surreal world is about to come to an end.  A world of no cars, constant horse clippity-clopping, clear blue waters and an out-of-the-ordinary workplace...and I am soon to leave it.

And there is nothing like looking for a job to jolt you back to the painful world of real reality.

First of all, my internet connection is sketchy at best, but mostly possessed by Satan.  Hunting online for jobs is a slapdash, exhausting process.  Then, there's the filling out of an application and tracking down phone numbers and addresses of former employers and references.

And have I ever been convicted of a felony?  Am I legit to work in the US?

No and Yes.

And then it becomes a waiting game, right?  The game in which I try to read my potential company/employer's mind and then guess at Why...why in the hell won't they just call me?  Doesn't anybody want me?  Doesn't anybody love me or my resumé?

And then, in the greatest universal conspiracy best summed up in the old adage "When It Rains, It Pours", I get three calls within a week, which leads to two phone interviews and two face-to-face interviews when I return to Iowa.

Damn skippy.

And that's where I am.  I applied for a part-time Wine Clerk position in a town about an hour where I currently live.  Lots of downsides to that, I know, but it's a store I really love to shop at and would love to a part of.  I don't want to be a Wine Clerk there forever, but it might be a step towards a cooler position in the shop, like Sous Chef.

But.  Driving two hours each day.  For 18 hours a week.  And probably working mostly weekend shifts.  You feel where I'm leaning towards this?

At the other end of the job spectrum, I applied for a Cook I position with Sodexo, the foodservice company of the local university here in my hometown.  Full-time with benefits.  Opportunities for growth and different experiences.  Decent hourly wage.  Two days off a week.

But, it's institutional cooking...which is something I don't think I'm super-passionate about.  However, my foodservice experience is only two  years old, do I really know if it floats my boat or not?

You see, these are the things that keep me up...especially when I've been awoken by the horse clippity-clopping outside my window at some insanely early time of the morning.

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