Friday, August 15, 2014

The Youngest...In Photos...With Food

So, today is my youngest son's birthday, and it is a milestone...10 years old.  Double digits.

As I'm scrolling through all the Facebook photos I might have ever posted of him, I begin to notice a pattern - that I take an awful lot of pictures of my kids...with food.

And then I realize that probably doesn't surprise it shouldn't surprise me.

So, what better way to celebrate the wee one's birthday than with a montage of him with food.

These two were taken when he was about four and a half.   You'll notice his palate is quite unrefined as he prefers single items: frosting and strawberries.

From right around that same time period...

Always the BLUE ring pop!

And about three years later, he still has a thing for frosting...

But, he's also not afraid to try new shellfish.  I didn't say he liked it, I just said he wasn't afraid to try it.

A few months later, he tries gelato from a Dutch chocolaterie.  It appears to go well.

And, just recently, his maturity really begins to take off when he tries (and likes) poutine, the classic Canadian dish.


He's come quite a ways, culinary-wise, in the last ten years.  Hopefully the next ten will be even better.  Happy Birthday, kiddo.

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