Friday, August 8, 2014

The Pink Pony...NOT A Stripclub

Although...when you hear a name like that...doesn't your mind make that logical leap?

Or, am I just the only gutter-minded person here?

Recently, the husband and family were here for one last hurrah visit before school starts, and the Pink Pony was practically the only place packed to the gills on a Tuesday night...around 11 pm.

I personally think it has to do with the live music...the PP has an acoustic guitarist that plays there several days a week...and he does a bitchin' acoustic rendition of Guns N Roses's "Sweet Child o Mine".  That's a draw, I'm sure, but other than that, I don't know what the appeal is.

Until I ate there tonight.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Obviously, this place specializes in drinks and getting people pleasantly tipsy, so I was expecting typical pub grub-type fare.

And then I saw this on the menu and subsequently ordered.  A Honey Apple Brie Flatbread.  Good Lord.  Yes, please.  Fruit and cheese are one of my favorite, favorite combinations, and after I saw this, I scoured the wine list for a glass of bubbly (Prosecco or similar), and alas, those types of libations were only available by the bottle. 

What would you have done?  Ordered an Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider to complement the flatbread, right?

Whew.  Good thing we agree there.  'Cause that's what I did.

The only problem here is how exactly to eat the above creation (once you stop admiring it, that is).  A fork and knife are kind of ridiculous, especially with that crispy crust, which really leaves your fingers.  And that's what I did.  I picked it up, kind of folded it in half, and tried to sophisticatedly shove it into my mouth.  Luckily, I was tucked into a half-secluded little corner of the restaurant where only my waitress and a nearby couple could witness my uncouthness.

Another problem with this is the sticky, honey-covered fingers.  Which would be not a problem if you had used a fork and knife to eat the damn thing. 

Hm.  Good to note to next time.

My next dish was a side version of the Thai Crunch Salad.

Probably looks like a version of a Thai-peanut salad you've seen before.  Cabbage, rice noodles on top, lime-cilantro, and a peanut-buttery dressing.

Of which there was too much of.  My salad, while delicious, was drenched in dressing. Typically, not a way I like to eat my salad (or prepare them, for that matter).  However, this is why I now know to ask for my dressings on the side...which I did not tonight, in my haste and excitement over dining out.

There are other surprises that await me on this menu, I know.  True, I won't be ordering the Pony Wings or Calamari...but there's a Michigan Goat Cheese and Apple Salad that caught my eye, along with a Coconut Shrimp with PiƱa Colada Rice or a Filet and Wild Mushroom Risotto or a Whitefish Beurre Blanc that sounds yummy as well.

Pink Pony...A place where "Pony Up" doesn't mean what you think it means.

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