Friday, August 22, 2014

Tastes Like...Chicken Feet

Have you ever wondered what chicken feet taste like?  Is this something that has kept you up at night?

Thank goodness, then, you’re reading this blog today. 

I’ve learned that the Filipino culture, especially, is quite skilled at making the most of every animal they may eat.  And the feet of chicken is no exception.

Frankly, I’ve always wondered what happens to the castoffs in chicken-processing plants...the feet, the heads, the combs of roosters, etc.  Well, I can’t speak for the other two, but the feet all get stuffed into plastic bags and shipped off to grocery stores of cultures who can make something out of them.

It’s not rocket science, really.  Humans have been braising and stewing things ever since we learned we could.  The slow heat and moisture tenderizes the toughest, leanest piece of protein or the most cellulose-ridden piece of fruit/vegetable, rendering a tender, flavorful final product. And that includes chicken feet.

When I posted this picture on Facebook...

I got mostly Ewwwws (I have no Filipino FB friends, you see).  But is that because they taste nasty or because they look like little shriveled monkey paws?  The latter, is my guess.  So, what do they taste like?  Chicken wings, actually.  Just with more bones and a little more fatty skin.  Pretty tasty, really.

Although, I don’t see any BBF (Buffalo Wild Feet) chain of restaurants opening up in America any time soon.

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