Sunday, August 3, 2014

15 Down, 13 To Go!

Here is a fact that will amaze you...probably because it amazes me.

Well, it’s more likely it WON’T amaze you, because I am amazed by simple and small things as well as awesomely big things...and no doubt my readers in the US and around the world are more worldly and sophisticated.

My time on Mackinac Island, Michigan began on Saturday, April 19.  According to the contract I have with the Grand Hotel, my time here ends on Friday, October 31.

If my math and counting skills are correct, then:

My internship is 28 weeks long.

I have completed 15 weeks of said internship.

I have 13 weeks left.


I am over halfway done.  This is the amazing fact I was referring to at the beginning.  I am 13 weeks away from being with my family and friends again.  I have begun to think maybe I will make it the whole distance!

Let’s recap my adventures up to this point (all numbers are estimate).

Quantity of bean dip made in one standard restaurant batch: 20 quarts

Number of batches made so far: 20

Number of miles biked: Not sure, really, but a lot?

Number of flat tires and replaced brakes: 2 and 1, respectively

Number of alcohol beverages consumed: Probably too many

Number of Shakespeare plays read here on the island: 3 (my shame knows no bounds)

Number of restaurants eaten at: 5? 6?

Number of times I have lamented terrible Internet and cell phone service here: Innumerable

Number of job offers from impressed island chefs: 0

Number of times I have been asked (directly or indirectly through husband) what will I do after the internship? 32

Number of times I have responded with a “Not sure yet” or “Still figuring it out”: 32

Number of minutes lost sleeping thinking about What I Will Do After The Internship: 329

Number of significant events missed at home: 4 (my birthday, anniversary, youngest son’s birthday, First Day of School)

Number of times I have wanted to come home: More than 10, less than 30

It’s been a struggle at times, I won’t lie.  That last fact is truetruetrue.  But something won’t let me come home yet.  I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the branch I hang onto as I’m trying to survive out here. 

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