Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sometimes You Wanna Go...

Where everybody knows your name.


If you don't have the 'Cheers' theme song going through your head, then you need to go right now to The Google and find it and listen to it.

Today, let's discuss bars, pubs, watering holes, etc. etc.

Bars are often known for a special cocktail, cheap draws of beer, super-good bar food, a great Saturday night DJ, an excellent convivial atmosphere, or comfy bar seats.  Sometimes...a bar gets lucky and is all of the above on these things.  More often than not, though, the watering hole itself scores high in only a couple categories.

Enter The Gate House Restaurant.  Incidentally, my place of employment for the last three (and next three) months.

1. Special cocktail: Yes.  A whole list of specialty drinks are available, including fruity martinis and a pickled Bloody Mary.  Jesse (inventor of the island-famous BaderBomb), Chad, Emma, Shannon, and Dre know how to pour an excellent Tanqueray and Tonic or Vodka Soda for Yours Truly.

2. Cheap Draws of Beer: Yes.  $2 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon...which is practically the nectar of the gods here in Northern Michigan, I guess.  So, it is possible to have a cheap drinking night.

3. Super-good bar food: Yes. Especially the late-night menu, when you're craving some grease, it's possible to get a plate of really kick-ass nachos (they should be, anyway, when Yours Truly is the one who's made the Queso Blanco, Black Bean Dip, Nacho Beef, Pico and Guacamole that goes on it).  In the picture above you'll see I'm personally enjoying the Caesar salad.  I have grown especially fond of it.  Romaine, tomatoes, croutons, roasted garlic cloves and oil, grated and shaved Parmesan, and anchovies on top...and Caesar dressing on the side.

4. Great Saturday night DJ: Yeah, sometimes.  My favorite nights are when the bands come in to play.  The Gate House does fun theme nights, like All-White or All-Black Night (everyone wears white or black), International Night, and Ladies' Night.  And, always, the music is playing.

5. Conviviality: Yes, but only because I'm a local.  The odds are always really good I'll bump into someone I know here...which then leads to a round of drinks and a catch-up on the week of work.  Also, the bartenders know the locals and are a bit more chatty as opposed to the business face they put on for the tourists.

6. Comfy bar seats: Not really.  Hard wooden, not padded.  There are definitely places in town that have more comfortable seats...but then again, why spend $$$ on nice seats when people will be falling out of them or spilling Pabst Blue Ribbon on them anyway?

This is my wind-down, go-to place.  Where people know me, and I know them.  I can have my Caesar salad with my Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider, and get on the Wi-Fi and check my Internets.  And nobody judges.  Internet don't blink out weirdly, and I get good cell service.

It's not much to ask for, really.  Where everybody knows my name....

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