Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Casual and Healthy...Market Cornered

The last couple of meals I've eaten here on the island have been on the "nicer" side ("nicer" being a synonym for "pricier").

Time to change it up and go casual, yeah?

I planned on eating here at some point, but I really didn't figured on doing it this week.  I think my body was trying to tell me, we must have fresh lettuce.  We must have salad.  Please, no rice and beans and protein today.

Here's where I am: a place on the main island thoroughfare called Twist -n- Sprouts.  I'm a sucker for word play, you know.  This hip, colorful cafe touts itself as a Frozen Yogurt and Salad Bar.  Business is booming at this place, which lies nestled in between bar-food places and fudge shops.  People need their greens, man!

Twist -n- Sprouts is a pay-by-the-ounce build your salad or sundae, weigh it and pay it.  Easy-peasy.  The choice of greens is nice: kale, red lead, spring mix, romaine (no iceberg, thank the maker).  The toppings are pretty standard: cold cuts, mushrooms, seeds, vegetables.  The labels were all mixed up and I appeared to be putting "Chopped Eggs" on my salad, when it looked a lot to me like "Roast Turkey".  Maybe it's me but correctly labeling ingredients is, like, Basic Restaurant 101.  Then again, I get vexed by little things like that, remember?

So, I loaded up my paper plate, procured myself a cup of minestrone, and wound my way towards the cash register.  I bought a soda...and then paid $14 for the entire meal.  For everything in the picture above...did I get ripped off or something? 

Ah well, 'tis the way of the island.  Prices are higher, and there are plenty of people (i.e. tourists) who will pay it.  That's the definite drawback here.

However, it is a great spot to gawk at passersby.  Which I did.  And they gawked right back at me as I tried to shove a rather ungainly piece of kale into my mouth. 

This place will do's unique and provides something tourists will want...badly.  Especially after sampling their thirteenth piece of fudge.

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