Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going To Keep It Brief Today...You Okay With That?

For the last three days, the Detroit Regional Chamber group has been here on the island.  They do a lot of networking and conferencing...two things that require a lot of bandwidth, you know.

The Internets have been shut off for the employees of the Grand Hotel, and when that happens, I go my Plan B - The Mackinac Island Public Library.

Today was an exhausting day.  The season is nearly here, and that means every day (practically) from here on out will be much like today.

I did eat my fancy-pants meal at a place called Mary's Bistro...and I have every intention of telling you all about it tomorrow.  But today...just pictures.

Beautiful weather prevails here on the Island these days.  It makes one's heart and spirit happy.

Kites near the Round Island Lighthouse

Just Beachy here near the library.

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