Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Sun Has Gone Down On The First Day...

...of my 39th year.

For the record, I do think I will never have another birthday like this one.

Even though I woke up and realized it *was* my birthday, most of the time, I forgot that it was.  Every now and then, like the tides on every beach on earth, that little factoid would return and wash over me...only to ebb away again as I was caught up in some other task of the day (Ugh.  Terrible, terrible effort at an impactful metaphor).

I’m used to being greeted, in person, by my family and friends on my birthday...but this year, the wishes came to me via text and Facebook/computer.  However, to be fair to the throng of people I hang with these days, they don’t know it’s my birthday.  So...maybe we can forgive them this once.

I did receive a package here on the island on my special day.  Of course, I was expecting it...hell, I ordered it from  But still. A package!  All fairly practical things: a rainsuit (totally needed here along with rain boots and a bike), a bathrobe, and bath towels (because I was only issued two face cloths and two hand towels, for GOODNESS sake).

I spent six hours today working...which, by the way, is improving.  The chefs are starting to learn me, and I am starting to learn them.  I’m learning my way around the kitchen, and where things are (which is half the battle).  I am also consciously trying to think about my work habits, and my “economy of movement”...and much to my chagrin, I waste a lot of “steps”, running up and down the stairs for multiple trips because I forget something.  I run a bit at times like a newly-headless chicken in my space because I don’t move effectively and efficiently.  The head chef has been reminding me to try to work smarter, and so I’m engaging in a fair amount of reflection.  Introspection.  Progression.

But...when the tourists come en masse sometime next month, things will change, and while I may like the job now...we’ll see when the guest tickets are printing off non-stop and I’m running dangerously low out of kids’ chicken strips!

Anyway.  I got my package and I was impelled to splash out for a birthday dessert.  The nice thing about being on a tourist island for your birthday (so early in the season) is there aren’t gobs of places to choose from to eat...because they aren’t open yet.  No chance of getting overwhelmed with all the, I opted to try a place that served the island specialty: The Grand Pecan Ball (hot fudge sauce under a nice ball of vanilla ice cream rolled in pecans).

I reckon I’ll need a couple of extra trips up and down the stairs at work tomorrow to burn off those calories...but don’t tell my chef.  Remember, I’m trying to work economically!

Good day, everyone.

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