Friday, April 25, 2014

Musings On My 39th Year

Something tells me I will remember this birthday for a long time to come.

So, my birthday is tomorrow, and this is probably the first birthday, ever, that I’ve spent away from family and friends.  And I mean that literally.  I have no family members within a 500-mile radius, and I have not made friends here on the island yet.

But, don’t cry for me, Argentina.  There is a lot of learning going on here...and that is a very good thing.  I hope everyone can turn nearly-40 and still be like, damn, all I really know is I know nothing.

I wish I had not waited so long to do this.  To really, truly get out of my comfort zone.

1. I am a minority here.  I’m not trying to get all racial or condescending or anything, but that fact in and of itself is very eye-opening and it’s impossible to NOT develop some feelings of empathy, if they weren’t already there.

2. The restaurant I work in contains workers who speak four different languages.  There’s nothing quite as humble as asking my colleagues to repeat themselves.

3. The fact that I’m a culinary student is irrelevant at this point in time.  I’m the low man on the seniority list, I’m the weakest link, I’m the biggest liability.  It kind of sucks, especially since I’ve been used to being Top Shark in my little fishpond.  However, I’m here to learn and work, and that also means being humble.

Ultimately, I can't complain.  My life has been good.  But, my life has been safe.  It’s been predictable.  And generally, I’m in favor of that.  But I also can’t deny that this six-month shake-up will compel me to examine my life quite closely.  And I am most certainly in favor of that.

Incidentally, this is where I work.  Okay, I actually work down the road from here...but this building is where I take my three daily meals.  This building (rather, its owners) is my employer.  I know it's all weird and gray and naked right now....just give it a couple of months!

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