Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Like Internet For Elephants

I tried, horribly, to stitch together two pop culture references (two movies)...and then insert my own pithy...pithiness.

Fail.  Big time.  Next item of business.

I am trying very hard not to cram an entire bar of Ghirardelli Intense dark chocolate into my mouth.  It is the only sweet I've had since the 19th (Saturday).  That's nearly three days.  That's how long I've been on the island.  And there's a lot to talk about...so let me sum up.

Number of cars on the Island: 0 (utility and city maintenance vehicles not counted, which would bring that number up to, oh, 4).

Number of methods of transportation here: 3 (horse, bike, or feet...or in the case of the elderly, motorized scooters)

Number of items I've lost and then recovered: 2 (employee ID and chef hat)

Number of day/hours worked on new internship: 2 days/8 hours

Number of mistakes made in first two days of internship: Like, 5, but feels like more

Number of people who already know someone here: Everyone (except me)

Number of miles walked: Probably 10 total, although legs and glutes report a higher number

Number of miles from my room to cafeteria at the Grand Hotel: .75 (and that's at least three times a day for my three squares, kids)

Number of times I've told myself This place is so beautiful, but just wait till summer.: 6

Number of times I've thought I can't wait until my kids/Brent see this.: 12

Number of library cards obtained in the State of Michigan: 1

Number of cold days here so far: All (especially when your hometown is sitting pretty at 72)

That mostly covers it.  I'm adjusting to life here...Stranger in a Strange Land, so far from friends and family.  It really is beautiful here...and people are pretty damn friendly.  So...there's hope and adventure, eh?

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