Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dream #2: The Ultimate Smackdown

This picture appears to be depicting a smallish, broken-up glacier.  And while it seems like that, it's actually the ice cloggage on Lake Michigan.  Not cool, Robert Frost.

Boy howdy, would I give my non-dominant hand to be able drop-kick Mother Nature in the windpipe.

She is screwing up all my best-laid plans.

I know, I know.  It comes with the territory of taking a job in the Upper Great Lakes Region.  There might be snow.  There might be sleet.  There might be cold temperatures.  And there might be all three of these things.  In mid-April.

But, freezing fog?  Now, as a long-time Midwestern myself, that’s something I’ve never experienced.  Until today. 

However, some context first.  My internship is on Mackinac Island, just a smidge north of the lower Michigan peninsula (the “mitten”), where the shores are lapped by the Great Lake Huron.  There are no automobiles allowed on the island, so people get around by horse, by bike, or by feet.  The only way to get to the island is by ferry or by plane.  Currently, the waterways are still choked with ice (unusual for this time of year according to the locals).  According to the time listed on my Employment Contract, I must arrive by 4 p.m. today...and it looks like I will be flying to the island.

Maybe.  Right now a swath of FREEZING FOG blankets the area, and planes cannot fly until this fog burns off.  Which leaves my arrival time = UNKNOWN.

Well played, Mother Nature.  Well played.  While I can’t help be a little angry at you right now, I get your message: Have a Plan B.  And don’t sweat freaking humans need to calm down.

Touché, lady.

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