Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Almost Throwback Thursday

I guess there's a phenomenon these days traveling the Internets referred to as "Throwback Thursday".  People post pictures of themselves or others from their younger years...and we're talking decades back...not those imbeciles who post a photo from, like, 2009.

One of these days I'd like to participate in Throwback Thursday; mostly because there's this fabulous picture of my brother, looking like 'Adam' from "Eight is Enough", and he's filthy from head to foot, and I'mnotlying, he looks like some street urchin from Uganda or Yugoslavia and would make Sally Struthers bawl her eyes out.

Someday, I'm gonna post that.  That'll show him.  Then, he'll wish he'd shared his Wendy's Frosties with me back in the day.

But usually by the time I remember I need to go over to my parents' house and get that picture, scan it, and post it, it's already Friday.  Too late.  Maybe next week.

Speaking of my parents, I've realized that I must rag about them an awful lot here at "Be Food".  If I'm not complaining about how unimaginative they were when it came to food, then it's how I've picked up some of their bad habits.

Well, none of that today.  Today, I laud two of their bad habits:

This photo above illustrates a simple flour-and-frying procedure, done on the Beef Of My Youth - Cubed Minute Steak.  I don't know exactly I purchased them, but they've been sitting in the back of my freezer for some time.  Until recently, when I did this to them.  And as I sat down with my family to eat, I was transported back to 1984.  When my mother fixed this very same protein (albeit she did instant mashed potatoes, where I went with roasted carrots, but still..).  And well, a warm little worm of happiness wiggled its way through my stomach as I enjoyed that minute steak.

And then today...another throwback.  Saltine crackers and butter.  That's right.  Zestas with a thin scraping of butter over them.  Now that takes me straight back to the house of my parents...both of them ate crackers this way...they still do, actually.  Forget meatloaf or macaroni and cheese - crackers and butter are MY comfort food.

You maybe can take the girl out of the simple and silly...but you can't take the simple and silly out of the girl.

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