Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fun With Heather and Daikon

Good afternoon to the two readers in the United Kingdom and Ireland!

Today, I will dovetail two of my favorite things: literacy and food.  Let's start simple...with that fondly remembered primary reading material of our youth: Dick and Jane.  Modified, of course, for the purposes here.

This is Daikon.  S/he is a member of the Cabbage family, and is closely related to the radish.  S/he is pleased to meet you.  (Does Daikon have a gender?  I seems like it should be a male for obvious reasons, but I don't want to stereotype, you know?)

See Daikon, chopped and in a pot with onions and vegetable broth.  Daikon then simmers on the stove for about 20-25 minutes until quite soft.

See Daikon take a swim in my blender.

And here is Daikon, after the vegetable puree was strained, cream was added and the entire thing was heated through.

Daikon (or now, Cream of Daikon Soup) was a lovely, very pale shade of yellow.  Its flavor was woody, earthy, and even a little bit sweet.  The husband liked it very much, while I preferred the CofBS from a couple of days ago.

Go Daikon Go.

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