Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not Your Madre's Guacamole

About three weeks ago, The Kirbster went on a church retreat with a friend.  She came back with what she said was the most amazing guacamole recipe...ever.  That's a mighty big claim, but after today, when she actually made it for us...she just might be right.

At the retreat, the speaker who demonstrated the dip included a lot of spiritual metaphorical explanation for each of the ingredients; the official title of the condiment/lesson is "Life Is Like Guacamole".

I won't go into all that here (I mean, really, if you're religiously savvy enough, you'll figure out what ingredient represents in regards to a relationship with God). But here's what I know...or least deeply suspect...if the poorhouse worker boys in the opening sequence to Oliver! the musical would have had this guacamole to eat instead of that damned gruel, Mr. Bumble and the governors would be dead, and London would have been powered by the pure manual force of this one workhouse alone.  Oliver would be King, Fagin would be Prime Minister, Bill Sikes would have been instantly vaporized by the sheer energy release, and Nancy would have lived.

Yep, Dickens' whole story would have been way different had this guacamole been in the picture.

It's not surprising, or even original, to add fruit to this dip.  But, the mango adds a little color and sweetness, but the pomegranate seeds are just plain awesome.  A little crunch and little burst of fruitiness.  You get yourself some salty tortilla chips with some of this, and you've got your classic sweet-and-salty combo.  I've included a link to the recipe below.

The red dots? Not tomatoes, but pomegranate seeds.  Yeah.
A really shoddy upclose picture of one of the most perfect unions known to man.

Unfortunately, Kirby could not remember the name of the gentleman speaker who presented this guacamole...nor could we find evidence of his name anywhere in her retreat literature.  Alas.  While I cannot assign the full credit, let it be said that I do not take this recipe for my own. 

Hopefully that won't stop you from enjoying it.  It shouldn't, anyway.

Printable Recipe Here

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