Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not Nuclear Fusion...But Really Kind Of Close

Saturday.  Three things.

1. I received a recipe in my Inbox this morning for Red Velvet Beet Cake from Food & Wine.  Um.  Yes!  Soon.

2. Since last updating my pantry/freezer/fridge inventories last weekend, I have been harangued by those bags of almond and coconut flours in my freezer.  It's time I did something with them...or die trying.  I hope to attempt (and document for you, readers) my adventures in macaroon-making.  Hopefully tomorrow.

3. But, right now, let's talk about my state's capital city.  Des Moines.  I know when you think of Des Moines, you do not think about the apex, the epitome, the embodiment of foodie sophistication.  To be honest, I don't think of DM like that, either...but an East wind is blowing, friends, and things are changing. 

For example, take this place right here, Fong's Pizza.  Eclectic, friendly, funky, this restaurant in downtown DM *is* the word fusion.  Asian and Italian cuisines.  Crab Rangoon pizza, Beef and Broccoli pizza, just about every popular Asian Buffet dish you might imagine...Fong's puts it on a pizza.  Genius, right?

For example,

Crab Rangoon pizza.  Thin, wheat crust.  The creamy cream cheese of the rangoon is the pizza "sauce".  Chunks of the crab sprinkled throughout, the wonton strips crumbled atop that, along with a helping of the sweet chili sauce. Scattered with green onions and cheeses.

Asian-Italian fusion.  At its funky finest.  Dead daring brilliant.

In addition to the Crab Rangoon, we also sampled the Fongolian Beef pizza (being that there's not much better in life than a decently good Mongolian Beef), which had its merits, no doubt...but it's hard to go for the cute, quiet librarian when the hot-as-hell supermodel is right in front of your face, you know what I'm saying?  (For those of us who have been in those types of choose-between-two-amazing-women scenarios).

It's a tough call.  It's like asking me: Matt Damon or Benedict Cumberbatch?

But that's not all.  Equally interesting are Fong's appetizers, which change every month.  For February...

Sweet dear Lord and all the seraphim above, here's what you're looking at:

an egg roll.

That should be enough, right?  I mean, I probably freaking had you at 'egg roll'.

What happens when I tell you this particular egg roll is stuffed with mac n' cheese, and bacon, and jalapeño? 

Fusion, people.  Fusion.  #realtalk

As if these menu offerings weren't enough to make you want to drive (or walk or ride bike or hitchhike with strangers) there right now (or maybe tomorrow, depending on your time zone), then consider the fact that the place is called Fong's Pizza...and it's just fun to say!  I guarantee at some point you will swap out 'thong' for 'Fong' in Sisqo's "The Thong Song".  Fongf-fongfong!

And if that doesn't do it, then the case is hopeless.  I just don't know what to say.

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