Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mother Nature In A Skillet

It's either she's in a skillet...or I'm going to hit her over the head with one.

I live in the Midwest, and we are in the middle of a cold spell.  Another one.  I don't care what the Weather Channel calls it: polar vortex, deep freeze, or Arctic blast...it's effing cold.  It's gray, it's icy, it's dirty, it's depressing.  And it's cold.

So, time to practice a little kitchen witchery, yes?

I mean, I can't make a greener, more practical, more fitting offering up to Mother Nature.  Greens (here, kale) and eggs.  Both harbingers of spring and fertility!  The only thing I could have added was a rabbit.

But, that's another topic for another post.

Anyway, I found the idea for this dish at cleaneatingmag.com.  Naturally, I tweaked it and made some changes...but the sriracha hollandaise is my idea (although, not original, probably).

This dish starts off easy enough...1 onion, sliced, saute├ęd until soft; 8 oz. box of mushrooms of your choice; 6 cups of greens...the type that's really good for you (spinach, kale, collard or mustard greens); and some kicky seasonings (cumin or cayenne, oregano, etc.).

I've made room for the eggs, indicated by the weird black circles above.  Because I'm going to do this:

Yeah.  That just happened.  Then, I throw this trusty cast-iron skillet into a 400 degree oven.  Ten to twelve minutes later, I get that picture we started off this whole discussion with.

While the Spring Skillet is doing its thing...I've got just enough time to do the hollandaise.  Hollandaise is a relatively easy sauce, provided you've got the right equipment.  It can go horribly wrong as well, as in the case of my mayonnaise snafu (documented for all future generations here).  But, when you've got a blender or a food processor, it's hard to do it wrong.  Egg yolks, melted butter, lemon juice, salt, sriracha.  Blend until creamy and whatnot (okay, there's a couple of other things to do first, but that's about it, really).

This is what you're going to spoon over your Spring Skillet before you offer this dish up to the Goddess of Your Belly.

And ultimately, whether it works to bring on spring or not, you gotta feel pretty darn good when you eat something like this.  Simple, non-processed goodness.  Just like Mother Nature intended...when she's not playing us about with this stupid weather, that is.

Get your Printable Recipe Here!

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