Saturday, February 1, 2014

On Lazy Saturdays Such As These, We Shall Talk Of Desserts

It's one of those rare Saturdays here at Be without much of an agenda, obligations, or constraints of any kind.  With the exception of doing the weekly groceries and a birthday party to run the youngest child to later today, there's nothing I really *must* do today.

How then does one spend such a leisurely Saturday?

There's always something to do, right?  And if you're like me, what you decide to do with free time comes down to two categories: What You Should Do and What You Want To Do.

For example, after I finish today's blog post?  I *should* exercise.  But, I *want* to take a nap.  Or, I *should* finish up a project for my Culinary Management class.  But, I *want* to take a nap.  Or, I *should* make and freeze a big batch of spaghetti sauce.  But, I *want* to take a nap.

You're feeling me, right?  You see where I'm coming from?

In the end, I suspect the nap will win out.  It's cold outside, it snowed last night, and the sky has that frosty, funky, unfriendly whiteness to bed needs me on a day like today.

But before I drift off, let me provide pictures and directions for the Milk Chocolate Bavarian Cream I did for last night's Wine & Pasta dinner.  I was quite, quite pleased.  Nearly all of the tables of guests asked about what it was, how I made it, etc.  The texture is very similar to that of a mousse, light, airy, and well, just kind of fun to eat!  I topped it with a quickly made chocolate ganache, whipped cream, and a raspberry (for color, you know). 

I used round PVC molds for that cool circle look.  Ganache pooled over the top.
Pretty maids all in a row

Bavarians typically are molded, which means if you've got access to those fancy silicone molds or other such kitchen coolness...this dessert is for you!

Fancy technology time!
Printable MC Bavarian Cream Recipe Here

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