Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grease = Cure For The Common Hangover

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it?  Greasy foods seems to be the least appealing of all when one is suffering from a hangover.

But, then again, maybe it depends on the severity of hangover, yes?  When the hangover is so bad that the sufferer spends two days with his/her head in the toilet, *nothing* edible sounds good at all.  The mention of bacon and potatoes and such is enough to send him/her crawling for the nearest retch-spot.

However, for mild hangovers, the ones symptomized by a slight quease in the stomach or a headache...grease is just the thing.

Here's the hypothetical illustration that proves my point.

Some friends that I happen to know got together last night for dinner and drinks...as a sendoff to another friend of theirs, who will be leaving soon for Spain for six weeks.  And you, dear readers, know how these little soirees go.  Someone gets out of the tequila, and pretty soon, everyone's drinking beer, or wine, or amaretto...or whatever.

Luckily, some of these people did not get the spins (unlike others in the group, I'm sure).  S/he had just enough of a leftover icky feeling to warrant this recipe:  German-Style Potato Salad.

Who knows if the Germans planned it that way, or it it's just simple doo-dah coincidence, but for my hungover friend, this bacon-grease-potato dish hit the spot and totally gave him/her the energy to at least take a shower and drive out somewhere for a cup of coffee.  And maybe it will work wonders for you and yours as well.

Printable Recipe Here

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