Monday, February 24, 2014

Child of the 50s

Okay, so you know those silly quizzes, "What Decade Is YOU?" like the ones you find...






I love those things.  I was born in the 70s, did my first round of informative learning in the 80s, did my second round of informative learning in the 90s, got all "grown up" and shit in the new millenium, and am reinventing myself here in the twentyteens.

All decades are good decades to be alive, I guess.

Though I was born long after the decade ended, I feel a certain affinity with the Fifties (based on the quiz results from the first link).

It was the best of times: prosperity, peace, strings of pearls, neighborhood barbecues, and shirtwaist dresses!

But, it was also the worst of times: processed food, lax government regulations in the area of food and food production, and paranoid anti-Communists.

None of that today, though.  I spent today in the manner of all the impeccably dressed and mannered June Cleavers before me: preparing an simple, delicious, and nutritious (no, really) for myself and my husband, baking a pan of chocolate chip bars for my son's orchestra fundraiser, grocery shopping, laundry, beautifying my home, and doing all those little things that cause a house to run like a well-greased machine.  I felt quite accomplished...although I suspect I'll tire of it soon (I was born to work outside the home, that much I know is so very 80s of me).

The second quiz I took said my best-fitting decade was the 80s.  The third link here said I'm a "Miss Millenial".  I guess I should research...and see exactly what that means in regards to housekeeping.

Maybe tomorrow I'll start the day with a little Sweatin' to the Oldies before preparing a macrobiotic lunch for Brent and I...and have a pitcher of Cherry Kool-Aid ready when my kids come home from school.

Or, maybe tomorrow's lunch will be low-carb in the manner of Atkins or similar.

Or, it might just be a good damned day to do it like the married women of Downton Abbey do it...somebody brings them breakfast in bed.

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