Monday, January 20, 2014

Six Days. Gone.

I'm not *that* far from the big 4-0...I need to stop squandering these days like this.  Time is like clean water - it's a precious commodity and I shouldn't let it slip through my fingers like that (erm.  bad metaphor.  that's what water does...slip through fingers).

Six days since my last post.  Just...I don't...where?  I don't know where they went.  Well, I kind of do know.

In addition to being an avid Downton Abbey viewer, I recently became addicted to Sherlock, another PBS gem.  Turns out I have a thing for British television, and Masterpiece telly at that.  It's been a mighty long time since I've become hooked on a television program, and well, I've picked a couple of decent ones, I think.

In the midst of all this fictional drama has been some of my own.  I'm in my sixth term (out of seven, mind) of culinary school, and our big "project" for the trimester is a dinner for all the major alumni, important community members, and other various brass of the community college area.  We're talking Eight Courses, All Paired With Wine, with formal speeches and scholarship-giving to the culinary students.  Now, us sixth-termers are in charge of menu planning and execution.  Naturally, we've all done nothing but breathed, slept, and studied fancy-pants menus the last few weeks. 

And as of this coming Friday, 'twill be done.  School life returns to normal, somewhat.

The second big high drama happening here regards my internship.  See, to graduate from this here program, I'm compelled to complete a six-week internship in a high-production kitchen (read: really busy restaurant, resort, school, or hotel).  And I can go anywhere I want.  So, I went big.  I applied for a Test Kitchen Intern position with America's Test Kitchen out in Boston.  I even did a phone interview, but in the end, they decided to "look for someone who was a stronger fit".  Whatever that means, yes?

I also sent probably a dozen resumés out to the coasts, to no avail.  The one thing I've learned: chefs are either really busy or they're really jerky.  Most of them never got back to me.

I also applied to the Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island, MI, and earlier last week I received an offer to intern at a restaurant there.  However, I've also applied for an intern position (and have a phone interview on Wednesday) at this place in Pennsylvania.  So, wish me luck on that.

You'll notice I'm trying not to stay in the Midwest.  You know I love it here, but food-wise, I gotta go somewhere else.

So yeah, that's what's been going on in my world.  But since I've become a Sherlock fan, I've been daydreaming about taking a job at a pub in England.

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