Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Time to Refocus

Okay.  I know I've got a Cratchit Christmas Dinner to recap and illustrate for you here, and I have every intention of doing so.

But, first...something that's on my mind: food.

You're shocked, yes?

I happen to be on a short hiatus from school and work, and I admit, I have the tiniest desire to be working or studying right now.  I mean, someone to crack the whip at my back.  It is all so easy to fall into a lifestyle of sloth during this holiday season.

I spent last weekend at my in-laws house.  They live in the country + painful below-zero temps = no exercise.  There's a fair amount of sitting on the couch, watching hunting shows or basketball games.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing the evening meals (and by golly, I was glad to do it).  Also, my husband's mom firmly believes in three hearty, plentiful meals a day...hard to get my crowd excited about stuffed pork loin when they've just gorged on ham balls and cheesy potatoes.

Thus, coming into today's Christmas dinner, we were already feeling sickly and gluttonous.  The sparse Cratchit theme was actually brilliant, as we didn't terribly overdo our eating.

But.  I still felt rather queaseous at various moments during the day.  And I exercised my digestive and excretory systems more than I probably should have.  I felt lazy, slothful, and fat...and well, I still feel that way, to be honest.

So...what to do now?  The big feasting is done, the New Year (with its Resolution pressure) is looming on the horizon, and I'm definitely feeling the urge to act my health act together.

The exercise thing will resolve itself.  I hope.  Or it won't, and that will be a new problem I will deal with later.  Right now, I'm thinking about food.  I have not been overly mindful over the last several weeks (since before Thanksgiving, really) of calories, fat, sodium, etc. 

And I think it's all catching up with me.  Hence, the name of today's post.  Time to refocus.  Time to keep food and meals as simple and close to the source as possible.

For example, I didn't buy any cereal this week.  It's easy, yes, but it's carby, it's processed, it consists of ingredients masterminded in a chemistry lab.  I bought an extra dozen of eggs instead.  Scrambled eggs with a little hot sauce or salsa is easy...and I know where it came from.

Just need to refocus, that's all.

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