Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Blog Entry In Which I Apologize For Nothing

A new school term started today, and you know how those first days are...exhausting and uncertain.

All I really wanted after supper tonight was something a little sweet.  A little chocolate, a little dessert, a piece of my kids' Halloween candy...but no, turns out there was nothing.  No chocolate, no banana cream pie, and the candy had long since been run through my kids' digestive and excretory systems.

So, what - I mean, I gotta do everything around here or what?

Necessity is INDEED the mother of invention, because here's what I did.  Toasted a piece of whole wheat bread, buttered and cinnamon-sugared it...then sprinkled it with mini-chocolate chips.

As if that weren't awesome enough, I remembered suddenly that I had a bottle of Port in my wine cooler.

Double booyah!  Port is a sweet, fortified red wine normally produced in Portugal.  It's heavy duty stuff, not for the Boone's Farm drinkers in the crowd...will warm your insides right up in a pinch.  20% alcohol content.  Goes well with strong cheeses, nuts, and chocolate.  Yeah.

How convenient...

So, this is where I do not apologize for the "rustic, nay, crass simpleness" of this post.  Toast, cinnamon-sugar, chocolate chips, and Port wine.  It gives me what I need.

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  1. No apologies necessary! I think this just shows your ingenuity and creativity. And port totally goes with toast.