Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fondant Is Me!

I've been chronicling my cake-decorating adventures in the bakery here at Be Food.

And it's been interesting and riveting, to be sure.

Today, however, I find is not a day for words, but instead, pictures.  Today I achieved a great milestone, and I will trumpet my joyousness here on the Internets through pictures.

We've had a guest in our bakery class, a professional wedding cake designer and maker.  She's shared some recipes, tricks of the trade, as well as her tools and skills. 

And today, for the first time ever, I covered and decorated my first fondant cake.  This has always been a daunting thing for me. Fondant has always seemed scary.  Until today.

Probably hard to tell, color-wise, what exactly is happening here.  A bright yellow fondant-covered cake, purple fondant pearls there at the bottom, purple and yellow fondant flowers on the sides.

I had my daughter, Kirby, in mind when I did this, and she will turn 13 (I know, I know, next March...however, why not think about these things now?).  I used cutters for the flowers, but I free-handed the 13. 

Birthdays (and all other cake-appropriate holidays) will never be the same at the Nelson house.

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  1. That cake is beautiful - I love the use of the bright, vibrant colours. Well done you!