Saturday, October 19, 2013

Almost Paradise

Cue your 'Footloose' soundtrack, readers!  Get that Mike Reno cranked up loud!

Almost Paradiiise...we're knockin' on Heaven's door... could we ask for more....?

I know that Mike and Ann (Wilson) was talking about Lori Singer and Kevin Bacon, but the moniker applies to my adventure.

Des Moines.

Farmer's Market

A chilly, sunny (mostly) October Saturday morning.

Yep.  You probably know where I'm going now.  Fresh, local produce.  Free samples.  An general goodwill camaraderie of like-minded people.  Free samples.  And the vegetables!  Vegetables, I tell you!  Vegetables that became my dinner.

Iowa pork chops.  With a salt, pepper, and sage dry rubs.  Grilled until yummy!

Parsnips.  Peeled, cubed, and boiled...much in the same vein as potatoes.  Butter, milk, chives, and garlic added to the puree.

Brussel sprouts (Spencer seen scoring in the background) that would later be parboiled, shocked, then sauteed with a pecan butter.

The entire entree.  Amazing flavors of fall and beyond.

My only regret (as it is every mid-October)...the Farmer's Market closes next weekend...and I wish I'd gone more.

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