Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Week of 40% Success

Whywhywhy, when I check my traffic stats, is there a referral site called ""?  Who's coming here from a weird place like that?  Go to the Google, freaks, where you all belong!

And now, we breathe.  Ommmm...

My class reunion was this weekend, and while there isn't much to say about it in relation to food, there certainly are things to say about it.  I mean to tackle that in a soonerratherthanlater post.

But today, let's recap the challenge I set for myself roughly one week ago.  I decided to make a conscious effort to use those oft-looked over foodstuff items in my inventory, namely quinoa, arborio rice, pinto beans, rice paper, and barley.

And here, at the week's end, things stand as thus:

First up was the barley.  That bag should be gone after today, when I make up a batch of Beef Barley soup for the testers at the Winery (indeed, what wine goes with a Beef Barley?  I'm putting my money on a Pinot).

Then, in what could be called the big success of the week, one package of the rice paper is now MIA.  Brent made a slapdash version of spring rolls on Wednesday, using whatever provisions were available in the refrigerator...

Which is the great, great thing about these rolls.  We used shrimp, but any other kind of protein would work too (alas, though, I cannot support the use of peanut butter as a spring roll filling...maybe as a sauce).  We used julienned carrots for the veg, but I'd like to try it with shredded napa cabbage.  Fresh herbs would also be amazing here.

We whipped up a quick dipping sauce, and in the future, I would NOT use chili sauce, as it reminded me strongly of a seasoned ketchup - not what I was going for.

Although I liked the chewy, starchy rice paper-y texture, the kids thought it a bit I think I'd like to try frying them in the Fry Daddy next time.  Just for something different.
The husband was quite proud of these, and he should be.  It was a good and efficient use of resources, i.e. leftover cold spaghetti noodles, bell peppers from the garden, etc.

Tossed with some salt and pepper, dried herbs, and then rolled into the excellent little funhouse you see here.

Those are the successes.  Failures include: not using the remaining arborio, quinoa, and pinto beans.  But, it's a new week...

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